hello. right now i need someone to tell up and who'll listen me about my mumbling. somehow i knew that i should kept it off between us or me else but no i went and told the whole world how i feel now. but this is a lesson learn for me and i hate that i bring you inside and i feel so bad to myself about it and now i guess karma comes back around because now i’m the one that’s hurting the most. serve me back. i never learn from past. and now i'm leaving myself breathless alone.

met you is the best thing happens in my life. but. i gonna wish that i never met you. yesterday was awesome. it was twice. thank you.

nota kaki :
pernah kau tonton dua movie dengan hanya gap 10 minit ?  nice.
pernah kau kalut cari hanset bawah kerusi dalam cinema time movie on showing ? nice.

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