when everything is just out of our control. don't blame her/him because it is maybe not all of her/him fault. remember what. we plan everything but GOD do the rest and ensure everything. and when everytime you just being down of no matters what. remember the ONE. insyaallah dear almight will listen to you.

so, eventhough i talked a tons of stupid and bad words for something that i maybe hate or not satisfied. especially the ones that related to my family. omg  in fact. that's all my fault. but i still blame others. that my bad. really bad. regret for that. i'm sorry. from now. insyaallah. i'll changes a little bit per days. i can't change 360 in overnight. no. it is out of my control to do so. btw. how much they do to me. it's all for my future. they want i'm get the best. to my family. i love you. 

abah. thank you for your superb huges and lending your ears towards me everytime i'm down. thank you much. i love you.

mama. thank you for your nagging 24/7. i hate that. but that's yours. and your are my only one mother. so your attitude are acceptable. thank you for your slap. it's teach me something. thank you so much. i love you.

kak ( along). thank you for your ferocity. ngahaha suka cubit. but i knew. inside in your deep heart. that is the way how you want to teach your naughty little sisters and brothers.and thank you for always buy me something. thank you. i love you.

abang (angah). thank you for let me hear all your problems when you're down. i love the moments we spent sharing everything just you and me. and thank you for your advice. you teach me how to choose friends which is means to choose boyfriend. thank you for your protective attitudes toward me.i love you.

abang ( alang). thank you for always playing around when us ( they girls in home) cooking at kitchen. thank you for always hear and treat for my whimper everytime you around. thank you for keep us smiling with your stupid jokes. thank you for your concern for us. thank you. i love you. 

kak (acik). thank you for being my superb roommate. and always keep arguing with me. haha and always stalk my blog even my fb. oops you're not stalked my fb but you online my fb. haha thank you for clothes and stuffs.thank you. i love you more.

i love you all. sorry for not being a good daughter for mama and abah, a good little sister for along, angah , alang and acik. believe me. behind my bads, there are deep in my heart that i love you all and always begging for your forgiveness.

thank you for everything and sorry for something.


  1. the picture tell me how lucky you are. you got a happy family , alhamdulillah

  2. tq aimi.. may god bless you always.

  3. uih...mngata i!
    glad to hve 'little' sis like u too!!haha
    n hepy to fight with u too!! ;p