believe it or not. it was our five years anniversary.
tenx because always be in my side.
tears , laugh , hug , kisses , smile , sad  , happy
all those we had used it together.
you are the one that understand me a lots.
no i'm not lying to you. it's the truth. and i just want you to know it.

for this time being , i might be hurted you. btw i'm just pretending that i still get mad into you.fyi , no i'm not. and yeah , you should give me an award.THE BEST ACTOR ON THE WORLD.hehe
it's hard a day without you. >.< and it was so annoy when i think back what i've done this two three days.
dont worry more my dear. dont make your life become more pathetic. i'm not that kind of people to see my person that i love being hurted by me me me and me.again and again.
ok.maybe we should not bringing up past and dark secrets of us, well, apparently, it is not a secret anymore, it is just stupid. one day . aku berani kerat jari terok we will laugh about it. i can imagine it now.haha 

okay talking about me doing anything unproductive, its kinda affecting our friendship.aite? see people, its not helping. i dont want to play the stupid girlfriend role. because i am not! haha. i dont wanna act stupid. eventhough maybe i am. but a little! and ardilla's annoyed with it. yeala, i acts stupid on all! whatever.pity you need to always manjakan saya.haha
and now . its being late at night. i'm not inspired to write anything dah. haha. blame my nature for this! bla bla bla.

stop with those crapping.my advice to you CIK NUR ARDILLA NAJWA MAULAT MURSIN. please dont tell lies because i always trust you.and please make sure i'm in good condition before prank me out.SEMAK sikit hari tu.huhu i'm sorry.


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